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Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Pictures

After a long four weeks... The day finally came for the shoot...
The build up was hard... people falling by the wayside. I lost 2 makeup artist due to other jobs.. A stylist due to the supplier failing to deliver.
But the moto is "The Show Must Go On".

I found a contact for the Hair and makeup. "Amy-jo Glover". A very good artist.
3 Models.
Model 1: Elisa Salatin
Model 2: Jo Cooper
Model 3: Sarah-Jane Snow
We all turned up to discuss the order of the day and the looks in full, following the Moodboard.
Well take a look at the pictures for yourself. Let me know what you think!!

If you need a photographer for an event or you need me to capture you and your family in your home setting.

If you are a blossoming model in the making, then you only have to make contact, and we can discuss the next step to build your portfolio.

Look out for bigger collaborations with "RA"
Big thanks to Amy-jo Glover, Jo Cooper, Sarah-Jane Snow, Elisa Salatin and David Coker.
A massive shout out to the staff at Fitness first Leyton for the use of the Studio.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Urgent message to Models, stylist and makeup artist.

This is an urgent message...

Gadmasta is looking for: Female Models, Makeup artist, Hairdressers + Hair Stylists, Fashion stylist and A Videographer.

The shoot is for a high fashion style type shoot. And ghoulish high fashion shoot.

Models: would need to be a size 10-12 and "MAY" need to have their hair cut and styled.

Makeup artist: would need to be confident in their styles and technique, to enable the two different looks.

Hairdressers: may need to cut but definitely style the models hair.

Fashion stylist: we are looking for two looks.

Look one: sophisticated clubbing night out.
(dress, hand/clutch bag, shoes and accessories) 
Shoes or boots.

Look two: bright pastel leotards (blues, purples, greens)
Tights (colours that are similar to the leotards)
Long cloaks (black, blue, purple) very long chiffon material.
High plat formed black shoes or high length boots.
(Accessorising is big and gold)

The shoot is an outdoor shoot (weather permitting) in Leyton E10, but we are able to use the facilities of the gym to change, get hair and makeup done.

The only thing missing is a date, but this will be confirmed shortly. We are looking at February 22nd or 23rd 2012

unfortunately there isn't any money available for this shoot. But all will get prints for your portfolios and mentions.

Contact me on 07984 966 875


Thursday, 12 January 2012

You never know what is around the corner

After a 3 month wait Mandy X finally got back to me... OMG!! It was so worth the wait... After speaking to Mandy X about my photography and her makeup skills, late last night, LOL.... She said she would pass my details on to a friend of hers. ("Would she really, Who Now?")... This friend (wow) she made me feel so positive. She has so many connections; graduates, fashion student, stylist... and the list goes on...

Now nothing has happened on the work front as yet. "Come on Its only been a day".... But the mere fact that people would put them selves out to help others is a beautiful thing.

I can't wait to have a meeting with Ruth to show her my ideas and see how I can push this forward...
I, put all this down to the power of "The Secret", self belief and NOT, arrogance and big headedness.

So watch this space in regards to my photography... Yah! yah!

So remember "A silent person is never heard. A loud person is sometimes ignored". Its all about finding the middle ground, so the people who you want and need to hear you, can.



Friday, 6 January 2012

Getting into College Pt. 2

Good day world...
After my ordeal yesterday, with trying to get int college... I decided to leave a blog, a few words on my ordeal. (A great thing to do, if I must say so myself.  lol...).

Well anyway I left a blog and added it to facebook and twitter (@gadmasta). I got just ONE reply.... But that one reply had some great information in it. Regarding photography courses in London.... (Nice)

Well I have only gone and booked myself onto one of those said course... lol.
Thank you "Jurnee Akins" I hope this gets me to where I want and need to be. In fact I know it will... :) (Positive thinking now).

So the moral of the story is: If you are in a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do!... Then all you have to do is "Ask for Help". And that!! Is the power of the internet, and. The love from friends...

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Trying to get into college.

So I made an appointment to meet the tutor of the photography course that I want to attend. This course is a Level 2 GCSE, I have never done the level one, but I thought I would see where my skills lie.

So... I sent her ( the tutor) my web site address, so she could see what kind of stuff I may or may not know.
On the interview, I was told that my work was good and I was too advanced for the level 2 course (yeah!! I mean NO!!) and most of the work would be like revision to me.
Unlike a Level 3 course which would be more suited to my level and needs. Although it may be better if I  find a fashion photography course... WHERE do they do that??? Not in Waltham Forest!.!.!.

My Problem is I have the end product, but all I need to know is how I got there!!!? and Some fine tuning.

So the route I may need to travel is PT (Personal Tuition), at £XX per hour.

Welcome to

Hi Guys.
I am the eyes behind the lens, that is Gadmasta.

Trying to find inspiration for my next project starts with a look through some glossy magazines, hmmm...  a drive to the gym Or surfing the net.

But today was different, it was the by-chance I had a phone call from a friend. Yeah... She has started a new hair extension business.

To get her business and web site up and running,  she has went to a picture hosting site to fill the gap.

So after some persuasion... lol... we are in the process of creating a add on Star Now.

We will be looking for models who will have their hair totally transformed and they will also get their makeup done in full. Wow...

No pay for the models but they will get a new hair style and some wonderful pictures

The time, date and place TBC so watch this space.